Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A New Insight Towards The Global Trading Order

Professor Ari Afilalo has taken on the existing state of affairs across various international institutions which govern the trade across the globe. His work in the book The New Global Trading Order is of high importance and caters to various concerns associated with WTO and GATT leading to the unsatisfactory response to the changing scenario of global trade.

The author has laid down the fact the it is not easy to understand the trading order that prevails in the world today without getting complete knowledge and understanding of the statecraft and trade whilst focusing on their relationship. The author puts forth all the information in a very comprehensive and easy to understand while depicting the changing scenario of the state.

According to the author the world is experiencing change in the trade mechanisms as the age old notions of welfare, sovereignty and world powers are gradually eroding giving way to a more fair and strategic world. The postmodern state demands a lot more than what the existing institutional structure can offer.  

His work discusses various practices and methods that can be implemented in order to reach a new post modern global trading scenarios. It advocates cross-border relationships and suggests the ways of achieving the goals which also include measures to recreate new institutions for domestic and international trade replacing the old ones.

The New Global Trading Order throws light on current perceptions about the trade scenarios and also highlights the misperceptions existing with the same. Therefore, this book is a must read for all the people who are willing to learn about broken concepts and are looking forward towards creating a groundwork to fix the situation.