Friday, 16 March 2018

Ari Afilalo- Sephardic Jews and food customs

Sephardic Jews are the large and diverse group of Jews who belong to the particular region of Spain, Middle East, Egypt, North Africa, Turkey and Italy. The cuisine is influenced by the place of Jewish origin. Sephardic Jews arrived in NYC in 1654 by the way of sea. 

Jewish food customs: 

Kosher Food

Jews eat kosher food. Kosher food is the food that is fit to eat and is prepared according to the customs in accordance with Jewish Laws. 

Traditions and Shabbat

With an entire day of not cooking, Jew cuisine got innovative as the dishes need to be kept warm overnight. 

Innovative Passover cooking

Cooking at Passover needs to be innovative as eating chametz is forbidden. 

Relocations and cultural innovativeness

As the Jews moved from their origin to new places, their food has touched a lot of communities and is influenced by a lot of them. 

There is a large Sephardic Jewish community in the New York City. Ari Afilalo is a Sephardic Jew of French Moroccan ancestry. He is an expert on the internal trade laws and is the author of The New Global Trading Order.